Over-pricing tertiary education, a crime against humanity
Stories abound of private universities treating students as children, restricting movements, prescribing dress codes and even enforcing strict wake-up and bedtime regulations. How can character be built without infringing on the students' rights?

The issue of freedom is a very serious issue in all civilized world. A university environment is a citadel of learning, where youths and adults alike learn things that they take out to the wider society. A university undergraduate is a leader in his/her right. So, it is important he imbibes good orientation that pervades his/her consciousness. This is what informs his behaviour and the impact he makes subsequently.

The issue of good discipline, knowing how to do the right thing at the right time is important, which include dress code. There is a common saying that you should dress the way you want to be addressed. These virtues have to enter the subconscious of our youngsters at an early age so that they become their second nature. Having said that, we are advocates of human rights and freedom. But we promote freedom that goes with high sense of responsibility. There is nowhere in the world that people enjoy absolute freedom, as every meaningful freedom goes with responsibilities. That is why men of reasons see freedom as a heavy burden and challenge. At Christopher University, we will treat our students with a measure of respect, but they must show reasonable standard of responsibility.

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