Govt not giving enough challenges to varsities - UNICHRIS VC

The Vice-Chancellor, Christopher University, Ogun State, Prof. Friday Ndubuisi, speaks about why research in higher institutions of learning is still at low ebb in this interview with FOLASHADE ADEBAYO

What are the challenges the new university is facing?
The challenges include being acclimatised to the environment and building confidence in parents and guardians. We also want to ensure that our facilities are up to date and ready for takeoff. Parents and guardians want to inspect our facilities and they are right about that. They want to put their children in the best of universities with adequate security.  We have also been concerned about getting the right scholars, not just people who are looking for jobs.  You must have either a PhD or be a registered PhD student.

Your university seems to be an appendage of the University of Lagos. Why is this so?
That is not the case at all. We are under the mentorship of the University of Lagos, which is an official directive from the National Universities Commission. The NUC has devised a means to put new universities under the mentorship of old ones. University of London mentored the University of Ibadan. News universities are supposed to have affiliation to older ones. UNILAG is to be involved in the appointment of our governing council and the recruitment of our principal officers.   The mentorship started last year and we are taking off this September. UNILAG is to be involved during the commencement of any academic programme in our university in terms of quality assurance, among other things. Already, the UNILAG VC has set up a committee that has the deputy vice-chancellor, academics and research, as the chair.

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