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Professor  Friday  Nwankwo Ndubuisi was  born  to the family of  Ndubuisi Anasonye of Umueze Amamba  Uzuakloi  in  Abia State Nigeria. He is the third in a nucleus family of five children. He grew up as a vibrant and highly cerebral   child showing interest in a lot of issues that have to do  with  challenges and  heroism . For his primary school education,  he attended Methodist practising school Uzuakoli , a demonstration school, set up by the early missionary to prepare pupils for post primary education. He was   done with that in 1971 and proceeded to Methodist college Uzuakoli, a top rated school established by the missionary  in 1924. He finished from Methodist College Uzuakoli  in 1976 in flying  colour . For his ‘A'level   he enrolled with a private  tutorial college in Aba , Abia state  in 1977 and  passed his 'A' level papers in the same year.
Armed with the requisite qualification   he applied for Admission to the University of Lagos , where his quest succeeded in 1980. The movement to the University of Lagos was to be a great and interesting one, with his   admission into Philosophy Department which was his  first choice .In 1980 the issue of career was not uppermost in his mind . His enthusiasm   was   in being in an academic environment  where  his dreams were emerging  gradually and steadily  . University of   Lagos then presented a great environment, as he met most of his old friends, especially those from his Alma mata, Methodist College Uzuakoli.
In all  his life he has always appreciated the challenges of being a man , a noble one at that .There  are a number of vocations and professions he admires and wished he could have the fortune of  being  part of .For instance  he has always admired academic life ,  cherished the greatness associated with writing  and intellectualism , he also admire men of the wigs and bar that see themselves as learned and others educated. He was thus working silently with a view that one day his view will be sought for   in  critical  national and international issues .Thus in his students days one of the few clubs he joined was press clubs. He  was a member of the  defunct revolutionary press , the publisher of eyes magazine(university of Lagos students' interest magazine) , he was in the editorial board of the 'Searchlight' a journal of the students of philosophy department .He was  a  co-founder and research editor of  defunct 'Pragmatist' a student magazine rated as the best quality magazine in the  university campus  then. The campus environment was quite exciting   and stimulating . It was the era students were   anxious to listen to great lectures , seminars and symposia  given by renowned scholars and intellectuals and political leaders  from varied walks of  life .He  participated lightly in students' politics as he  was elected  the public relation  officer  of Imo State students in 1982/3 session. It was a pleasant experience serving in that capacity.


His turning point was at graduation where he was one of the best two graduating students of the department, having come out with a second class upper division .For youths service  he  was posted to Maiduguri , Borno Sate ,but the University then had a policy of retaining her best graduating students in their various departments. Thus on the basis of the request from the university  he was   Re-deployed to   Lagos  and to the University of  Lagos after  the N.Y.S.C  orientation exercise .This opportunity was a landmark and defined a lot of things for his  future ambition. Professor Ndubuisi has   always been interested in writing. During his  Youths service days he  wrote and published basically in all the known and reputable  Nigerian tabloid :The Guardian ,The defunct Daily Times  ,   National Concord,  and The statesman Newspapers , The punch and others. Anytime   he goes  through  these writes-up the   level of reasoning therein  then  marvelled him . The editorial page Editor of the Guardian   newspaper, Dr Jemie Onwuchekwa  once  acknowledge how profound he was in his write ups.

Towards the end of  his  service year it was obvious that his department wanted his services . He was thus encouraged to pursue a post graduate programme, in spite   of the urge to veer into another area. He  applied, interviewed  and got a Senate bursary  award  for a masters degree programme. He  was thereafter  admitted for an M.Phil  programme, which he registered for in 1984/85 session. The dissertation was successfully defended in 2007 with late  professor Adeigbo then of the department of Philosophy   , university of Ibadan as external examiner .He  was    within this    period  appointed a  graduate assistant in the department. At the conclusion of  M.Phil degree programme  he had  strong urge to move into the  Newspaper  industry, but the hand of fate made him to remain   a freelance  writer .He registered  for a P.hD  programme in 1988 October   and by December 1990 he successfully defended his thesis .Within this period the university of Port-Harcourt offered him a  lectureship job, which he rejected  as it was obvious that his department wanted  to engage him. In march  1991 he was given appointment as a lecturer two in the Department of Philosophy, of this  University .Two years after he was given accelerated promotion to lecturer one . Professor Ndubuisi became   Associate Professor in  2006 and a full professor  of Philosphy specialising in Philosphy of science and Jurisprudence in 2008.
In  addition to his degrees in Philosophy Professor Ndubuisi  has  degrees in Law:L.LB and L.LM,B.L. He was called to the Nigeria bar in 2003, that makes him  an advocate of the  supreme court of Nigeria.  In  July, 2013   he was sworn in as a Notary Public , by the Chief Judge of  Lagos state on behalf of the chief Justice of the  Supreme court of Nigeria.
ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Professor  Ndubuisi since his career in the University of   Lagos has been rigorously involved in academic activities . He has to his credit over fifty academic  publications in books  and journals , both locally and internationally. He has attended   and presented papers in conferences   both locally and internationally .He presented a  paper at the university of Kenturchy , Frankfort under the Auspices of the Southern Interdisciplinary Roundtable on Africa,(SIRAS 2003), his paper was also presented at the same venue in 2004, and 2006. In 2007 he was in Nether lend under the Auspices of  European  conference on African studies , where he presented  a  paper on Human rights ,in 2009 h e was also in  Leipzig, Germany under the Auspices of ECA again, in 2011 he was in Sweden under the same platform of  ECA, in 2013 he was in, Lisbon Holland to present another paper. He was also in California under the auspices of the African studies conference.
He was  invited in February 2011 by the Gani Fawenhinmi  Students Chambers  association of the faculty of law , Unilag  to present a paper on ''Human capital development in Nigeria''. He was  also  invited by the Institute of Advanced level studies , University of Lagos, in 2013 where he presented a  paper to customary  court judges in Nigeria on ''Ethical Justification of customary law ''. The Rosicrucian  order of Nigeria  also invited him to present a  paper on 'ethics and moral regeneration in Nigeria'' in 2013 at the Sheraton Hotel .In  2007  he was  the guest speaker   to the  Rotary club , Amuwo ,DISTRICT 9110 NIGERIA, on world peace and order  on the topic''Fidelity to Human Rights as Panacea to world peace''.He was at the Pan African University (Lagos business school) on invitation for her CRLE(Centre for Research in Leadership and Ethics) conference on Leadership and people management in Africa where he jointly presented a paper on ''Africa paradigm for corporate social Responsibility : A discourse in Business Ethics''on November 2013.He has presented papers in several other for a both within and outside the country.
Professor Ndubuisi has  been a regular contributor to the press. He was a columnist with the Champion Newspapers for years , a regular contributor to the Punch Newspapers  and the Guardian  newspapers , defunct National  concord press, among others.  He was     a visiting member of the  Editorial board of the Mirror newspaper and has a column  called'' Existential humanism''  every Thursday.  He has close to 400 articles published in the newpapers and has in addition written about fifty editorial opinion for The  Mirror newspaper.

Professor is a member of Nigerian Philosophical Association,  a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, a  member of association of Millennium  Lawyers, a member of  Southern Inter disciplinary Forum on African studies, USA , he is a member of  African –European Group for Interdisciplinary Studies,  a member of the  editorial Board ,Nigerian Journal of Philosophy. He has been external examiner to university of Calabar, University of Ibadan, Ekiti State University  and currently external examiner to University of Ibadan.
Professor  Ndubuisi  has served the university in various  capacities. He has served in the university committee for the review of university   calendar. He has also served in the committee for the lightning up of the University   Campus, he has served   in various investigating committees of the university, he has  served  as a member of the students hostel committee ,he has served  as the acting  Vice Chairman of the senate and ceremonies committee  .He is currently a member of the   legal advisory board of the university  and Chairman of the University of Lagos 2015 debate.
Professor Ndubuisi has had some recognition both within and outside the campus environment .In 2001/2 session the national Association of philosophy students gave him an excellence award, in 2007/008,  the same students gave him award as the most punctual lecturer to class, in 2010, he was also recognised by the students as the most dedicated lecturer, in 2011 he was given another recognition award by students . In  2007 Roatary club of  Amuwo District 9110 Nigeria gave him a plague of recognition as the guest speaker during the Rotary club of Amuwo world understanding and peace day celebration; he was also honoured and recognised by the association of Millennium lawyers in January 2016. Professor Ndubuisi is a very amiable fellow that enjoy sports ,and intellectual dialogues.

Professor  a family man to the core is married with children.

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