About Us

The philosophy of the Christopher University is anchored on the need for excellence in the production of managers, scholars and entrepreneurs that shall drive the Nigerian economy through innovation, in partnership with the private sector. The philosophy is to develop an institution that shall be a foremost center of excellence in management education in Nigeria and the Africa continent.

The philosophy of Christopher University also includes philosophy of education for self-reliance, creativity innovation, and national development. The University shall “match theory with practice” in partnership with the private sector, and establish linkages with a consortium of universities nationally and internationally in order to cross-fertilize ideas geared towards academic ecumenism.

To properly anchor its philosophy, the Christopher University shall pursue the ideals of equity, justice, fairness and the universality of knowledge with the main goal of the University, being the search for truth and knowledge through teaching and research and their application to meeting the objectives, aspirations and needs of society.

Christopher University is also desirous to develop an internationally recognized institution with programs that are relevant to industries both private and public that are well respected and well sought after. In this wise, the University shall spare no effort towards providing the human and material resources that shall be required to pursue its philosophy of developing a world class university.